A Quitter Never Wins – A Winner Never Quits

To become successful, you don’t need to have the best resources, you need to be the most resourceful you can be. What you believe in, what you value, and who you are will push you to success.

Being part of a team and being a highly effective leader, you have a responsibility to keep improving. Being the best on the team is not what is important. The most important thing is to work on yourself every day, and to help your teammates to do the same.

1. Do Not Quit

Your team are relying on you to keep working on yourself. They are relying on you to help them. They are relying on you to NOT QUIT. Keep striving to reach the next level and even further, and keep striving for your team to reach the next level and even further. DO NOT QUIT.

At this moment in time, you and I have still not reached anywhere near close to our full potential. Your teammates have not reached anywhere near their full potential either. We all still have a long way to go to reach this level, so it is so important that we persevere and don’t get disheartened and quit.

Try not to think of your teammates, or others within your organisation and industry as competition. People who are not at the same level as you are not your competition.


People are around the same level as you are not your competition. People who are ahead, and even way ahead of you are not your competition either. There is only one person who is your competition: YOU.

You are the only person you should be in competition with.

2. Your Competition

Highly effective leaders are only in competition with themselves. They compare themselves to the person they were yesterday, and so should you. They reflect on the person they are today, and so should you.

They compare themselves and look forward to the person they are capable of becoming tomorrow, and so should you. If becoming a highly effective leader is a commitment, then you are the only competition you will ever have. So, do not quit on yourself.

By working on yourself every day to become better will keep you fully aware of how you are doing, especially when comparing yourself to the person you were yesterday. If you don’t work on yourself every day, then you have no comparison because you will still be in the same position.

For example, I read leadership books, or self-development books every day, mainly to improve my character. I do this to expand my knowledge and make myself better than yesterday, so the comparison is obvious and I can be honest with myself.

Working on myself every day also gives me the knowledge of how far I have come in a certain amount of time, and how far is left for me to come close to my potential. This is part of reflecting on who and where you are in the present day.

When thinking about and comparing yourself to the person who you want to be and could become tomorrow, when you eventually reach your potential can sometimes be difficult. However, it is absolutely necessary to make this comparison.

You will realise how far you have left to go to reach your full potential, and how much you need to improve. You will give yourself a reality check that we all need to have, and again be honest with ourselves.

When you are making these comparisons, make a promise to yourself. The promise is to not let failure, or the fear of failure to pull you backwards, or worse…quit. Instead use failure as a way to learn from any mistakes you made yesterday, or today.

3. Failure

When people talk about failure, they are not actually referring to failure as final, they are referring to learning something new about themselves or someone else. In your case you will be learning about yourself.

When you are learning to drive, during the lessons your instructor doesn’t say you are failing to drive when you make a mistake. No, he/she tells you that you will learn from that mistake. We should be exactly the same way with ourselves when we make any mistakes. We are not failing, we are learning.

This trait is also an excellent trait to teach your teammates to make the same promise and commitment to themselves. The learning to drive analogy works well too because most will not give up on their driving as they want to pass their test and buy their own car.

We must not give up on ourselves when working on ourselves every day and becoming highly effective leaders.

When you or your team are starting something new, it is essential that you must get comfortable with making mistakes. If you don’t make mistakes at the beginning then you are not going to learn, or figure out how to do things better.

Some people call mistakes failures, and some people call mistakes… mistakes. It is up to you what you call yours, but the point is that we need to use our mistakes in a positive way to move forward. The most successful people and the most successful teams in the world have made many, many, many mistakes.

The difference between them and the unsuccessful ones is how they learned from those mistakes, and then took action to move forward.

A highly effective leader has made lots of mistakes too on their journey, and they know how to be comfortable with making them, and then learn from them. Mistakes will never make a highly effective leader to give up on themselves, or their team.

4. Your Potential

As you strive towards reaching your own potential, and as you strive towards helping the team reach theirs, you must do it with high intensity. By keeping the high intensity up, it will energise you and the team, and your willingness to succeed will ever increase.

Whatever influence you have on yourself and your team today, it can always be increased tomorrow. If you think that you are great already, then you can always be greater tomorrow, make no mistake about that.


The question is: Do you have what it takes to increase your influence, become a highly effective leader, and strive to reach your full potential?

If you are then you must work on yourself every day and not give up on yourself. Your full potential is in the distance, but it can be reached. However, it cannot be reached if you only work on yourself once a week, or even three times a week. It can only be reached if you commit to working on yourself every day.

You can only become a highly effective leader if you work on yourself with high intensity. You can only become a highly effective leader if you help others to work on themselves every day too, and strive to reach their full potential.

You can only become a highly effective leader if you remain positive, and work to improve your character every single day. You can only become a highly effective leader if you commit to becoming a highly effective leader. The only way to become a highly effective leader is: DO NOT QUIT

Quitting on yourself and your team is the easy way out. If you start something, why not work on yourself every day, help others, and make it a success that you can be truly proud of.

I welcome hearing how this post has influenced the way you think, the way you lead, or the results you have achieved because of what you’ve learned in it. Please feel free to share your thoughts with me by commenting below.

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All the best,

Tom (LeadGrowInfluence)

8 thoughts on “A Quitter Never Wins – A Winner Never Quits

  1. Hi Tom, I have been working pretty hard on myself lately making plans, arranging tasks and getting them done as much as possible.

    I think the only real path to progress is by building momentum but I think this is something I can also fail at pretty terrible one day of letting myself go swerving away from my plans and it can take a whole week and more to get my head back in the game but I guess I always come back a bit stronger.

    I think with a business you are building an ecosystem and as your world its important to nurture it in the right way by making the right decisions. Team building I think is a natural extension of this.

    Maybe I’ll look back on your posts one day when I’m running my own team. We will see but anyway this was a good read 📚 look forward to reading more.

    Best regards


    1. Hi Alex,

      Thank you for your detailed and inspirational comment, I truly appreciate it.

      It’s great to hear that you have been working on yourself and I hope your people can see how hard you are working. You are an example to them and I know they are following you.

      Keep up the great work and as this article says, don’t quit. You are a winner and a winner never quits my friend.

      All the best,


  2. Hi Tom,
    Thank you for a truly motivating article. There is so much truth to what you are saying. If you chose to become a leader, then you need to be sure you are a highly effective leader. You really don’t have the option to be a quitter. So, the only route you can take is to improve yourself everyday and not give up. This is the example that you set for your team. If you don’t quit, you will motivate them to hang in there and never give up. I always like to visit your site because I know I will learn something that will help me improve myself. Thanks again, Tom

    1. Hi Chas,

      It is my pleasure, and I am so happy that you found this article motivational.

      I am so humbled that you love to visit my site and I love your comments when you do. You are a true leader and I hope your people follow your example in a huge way.

      Keep leading and influencing your people in the way that you are my friend.

      Be the leader you always wish you had.

      All the best,


  3. This is a wonderful article for leaders. I especially appreciate the section where you talk about competition being with yourself not with others. It is so important to better yourself everyday so you can help your employees.

    I also agree with your comments on mistakes. Isn’t it Bob Ross who said they weren’t mistakes, but “happy little accidents”? Mistakes are important to make because they help your team’s ability to learn and grow.

    Thank you so much for this! It was a great read!

    1. Hi Kelly,

      Thank you so much for your very kind words and thoughts.

      I think it was Bob Ross who said “happy little accidents”. I watched him here in the UK when I was a kid in the 80s 🙂

      Comparing yourself with yourself is the only way you can ensure being your best self every day.

      Keep being better and keep trying your best to be your best self Kelly.

      All the best,


  4. Very inspiring article on the importance of perseverance and expecting the best. When we choose to learn from our failures we can then move forward with additional information that will support our efforts.

    Thanks for all the meaningful strategies and tips.

    1. Hi Joseph,

      It is my absolute pleasure to share my articles and the strategies within them.

      I appreciate your very kind words and I hope you take action on what you learn, and then share what you learn with your people.

      All the best,


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