Hello everyone,

My name is Tom Lawrence and I live in London in the UK.

Tom (Me)

There are hundreds of books, training courses and online material that teach us how to be a “leader”. Most of them are good and teach the right things, but I’ve seen very few that teach us how to lead when you’re not a “leader” or if you’re not in a “leadership position”.

I want to change that and I want to provide articles and resources to people who are interested in leading and inspiring others.

I want to help people who are not in leadership positions but are aspiring to become leaders, current managers who want to take the next step and become leaders, and I want to help senior leaders enhance their leadership skills.

I began my career in 1999 as an apprentice mechanical engineer, working for an automotive company in Liverpool.

Playing guitar has been a passion of mine for years. I’ve played in many bands and even had a tour of the West Coast of America. Not to brag or anything!

Me playing in Los Angeles in 2003 

After completing my apprenticeship I was made redundant from that company and had to find other work, that is when I joined the rail industry working for Merseyside’s train operator. I worked there for six years, and during that time I achieved my degree in mechanical engineering, my master’s degree in maintenance engineering, and I started my first leadership role as a project manager in 2009.

After leaving Liverpool in 2011, I have worked in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London where I currently live. I became a chartered engineer in 2013, and I am a mentor for new and upcoming engineers working towards their chartership. Working in these different cities I have remained within the rail industry and led different types of engineering teams, learning and practicing different leadership styles.


My Leadership Mantra

Learn to Lead, Grow, Increase your Influence

My Why

To develop leaders and aspiring leaders into highly effective leaders so that, they can develop leaders and aspiring leaders into highly effective leaders.

My Vision

I can see a world in which our leaders create environments that focusses on people and helps them to learn to lead, grow, and increase their influence for the good of us.

My Values

  1. I have strong morals: I believe in doing the right thing, even when that is not the route to quick results.
  2. I am committed to excellence. I do my best in everything I do.
  3. I do not pass judgement. I live, and let live.
  4. I am fully committed to the process I have set out to perform. I follow a plan that makes my performance predictable.
  5. I take consistent action to achieve my goals and finish what I start.
  6. I am open minded and eager. I am willing to put aside everything I believe to be true and embrace new technologies and new mindsets in order to rise above the level of mediocrity.
  7. I know success is rooted in persistence, regardless of my circumstances.
  8. I am an optimist: I am a “glass half-full” person. I see the best side of everyone and every situation.
  9. I am humble. I know that success’ only enemy is ego.

I have vowed to make it my life’s work to help you become successful. I hope the information I provide on this website goes some way towards helping you achieve all you ever wanted from your career as a highly effective leader.

All the best,

Tom (Lead, Grow, Influence)