Hello everyone,

My name is Tom Lawrence and I am from Liverpool in the UK.

There are hundreds of books, training courses and online material that teach us how to be a “leader”. Most of them are good and teach the right things, but I’ve seen very few that teach us how to lead when you’re not a “leader” or if you’re not in a “leadership position”.

I want to change that and I want to provide articles and resources to people who are interested in leading and inspiring others.

I want to help people who are not in leadership positions but are aspiring to become leaders, current managers who want to take the next step and become leaders, and I want to help senior leaders enhance their leadership skills.

I began my career in 1999 as an apprentice mechanical engineer, working for an automotive company in Liverpool. After completing my apprenticeship I was made redundant from that company and had to find other work, that is when I joined the rail industry working for Merseyside’s train operator. I worked there for six years, and during that time I achieved my degree in mechanical engineering, my master’s degree in maintenance engineering, and I started my first leadership role as a project manager in 2009.

After leaving Liverpool in 2011, I have worked in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London where I currently live. I became a chartered engineer in 2013, and I am a mentor for new and upcoming engineers working towards their chartership. Working in these different cities I have remained within the rail industry and led different types of engineering teams, learning and practicing different leadership styles.


My Leadership Mantra

Learn to Lead, Grow, and Increase Your Influence

My Vision

To help as many people as possible become highly effective leaders, or make the step from leader to highly effective leader. To help them find their own path to create an amazing career and be able to build and grow the life they were meant to live.

My Values

  1. I have strong morals: I believe in doing the right thing, even when that is not the route to quick results.
  2. I am committed to excellence. I do my best in everything I do.
  3. I do not pass judgement. I live, and let live.
  4. I am fully committed to the process I have set out to perform. I follow a plan that makes my performance predictable.
  5. I take consistent action to achieve my goals and finish what I start.
  6. I am open minded and eager. I am willing to put aside everything I believe to be true and embrace new technologies and new mindsets in order to rise above the level of mediocrity.
  7. I know success is rooted in persistence, regardless of my circumstances.
  8. I am an optimist: I am a “glass half-full” person. I see the best side of everyone and every situation.
  9. I am humble. I know that success’ only enemy is ego.

I have vowed to make it my life’s work to help you become successful. I hope the information I provide on this website goes some way towards helping you achieve your leadership goals.

My Mission Statement

Every day I will work on myself so I can have as big an impact in people’s lives as possible. To live a fulfilling life I must be of service to the world so they can benefit from the gifts I have to offer. I must help others find their way as team members, aspiring leaders, and leaders of teams until they eventually achieve highly effective leader status.

My Purpose

  1. I will provide valuable information about highly effective leadership, coaching and mentoring to my target audience.
  2. I will be as helpful as I possibly can towards people from all industries who want to learn and become highly effective leaders and leverage my resources to help improve themselves, their teams, and their organisation.
  3. I will be an information resource for all types of professional, team members and leaders of teams looking to improve themselves.
  4. I will show my website visitors, subscribers and customers that I care about helping them meet their leadership goals; leaving them feeling that I want to help them in a big way by providing tremendous value.
  5. I will show my website visitors, subscribers and customers the possibilities in becoming a highly effective leader.
  6. I will do my best to empower my website visitors, subscribers and customers to create a life where they are in control of their destiny with highly effective leadership.
  7. I will empower my website visitors, subscribers and customers with the systems, tools, training and resources needed to exploit your inner-talents and abilities so that they can become highly effective leaders.

I have vowed to make it my life’s work to help you become successful. I hope the information I provide on this website goes some way towards helping you achieve all you ever wanted from your career as a highly effective leader.

I am an engineer and work in a completely different environment to a doctor, nurse, politician, soldier or a sportsperson. Each discipline requires different styles of leadership and I want to help you find the right style for you, your team and your organisation.

I will describe examples from my personal experience, and how you can learn from these in your leadership journey to become a highly effective leader. At the end of the day, leadership is about influencing people, NOT managing people or telling them what to do. Throughout this website you will learn techniques that are not textbook or strictly conventional but through learning from personal experiences, personal mistakes and generally caring for people.

In many industries throughout the world, leadership isn’t embraced, although most organisations believe they do embrace it. In my experience the overall style of leadership within engineering is very “old school”. The managers or “leaders” main objective is not his/her team; it is the product and meeting certain targets and numbers. Basically, just get the job done as quick and as safe as possible no matter how you are feeling or whether you’re inspired or not. I know that this is the style of leadership in a lot of other industries too.

Basically, as long as you make the manager “look good” that’s all that matters, which is a very selfish stance to have as a “leader”. Within these types of environments stress levels can become high, so good leadership is extremely important.

The most important thing in yours, mine and all other industries is not a product, an innovation, a new way of working or even a customer. The most important thing is people and should ALWAYS be our main focus. If our people are led in the right manner, are happy and are proud to be part of our team then the job will take care of itself, not the other way around. People who are promoted into leadership positions must realise that they are now in the people business and their priority is their team. Changing from a member of the team to a supervisor/manager requires different thinking, skills and priorities. However, you should learn those skills while you are still a member of the team. The problem is, most companies do not put their people through leadership training because they do not hold a “leadership position”. My website will teach you those skills and how to think like a leader, which will help you to not only focus on the right things but also to continuously work on your leadership and personal growth.

You will learn some tools from this website that you can practice every day when working in your team, or leading your team. You will learn how to help your team so that they can perform to their best and strive towards reaching their potential. By adding value to your team on a daily basis and leading with empathy, you will discover your own strengths and how to work on yourself to become stronger and more valuable.

Before I had my first leadership position I had many managers who created toxic environments, managed out of fear, spoke to me in a very aggressive way, and generally made life in the workplace extremely difficult and awkward. The experiences I have had and what I am writing about are from the last twenty plus years of my career, both as an engineer and an engineering manager.

Over the past 6 years I have been a mentor to apprentices and graduate engineers within the UK rail industry and sharing my experiences with them. Two graduates who I currently mentor are working towards becoming a chartered engineer and my role is to guide them to achieving it. It is the responsibility of a chartered engineer to aspire to high standards of leadership. You can use the experiences I will discuss and apply them to your industry, your team, your organisation and most of all to improve yourself.

If you read through the articles and resources on this website and my personal experiences then I promise you that you will become a highly effective leader, despite your position. Whether that be in your current/future role or in your personal life. I promise that when you have been through my resources you will be in a position to teach others how to become highly effective leaders too. Learning from other experiences and your own experiences is the only way to really learn. You will become passionate enough about a topic that you don’t want to give up learning and passing on what you have learned to your family, friends, colleagues, students or whoever you cross paths with in your life.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from my personal leadership experiences and mistakes. Use this website to help you become the person you want to be. To help you become the leader you want to be. To help you become the leader your team need you to be. To help you become the leader the world craves you to be. We are lacking in great leaders in all walks of life throughout the world. You can be one of those great leaders and make a hugely positive difference in the world and in people’s lives.

If you take action and read through these experiences, draw on your own personal experiences and most of all LEARN from them, be passionate enough to pass them on, then you will NOT fail.

The world is crying out for people like you who want to make that difference, and we crave that you make that difference for us. By learning from my resources you will become the highly effective leader we NEED you to be.

All the best,