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Are You A Quitter?

To become successful, you don’t need to have the best resources, you need to be the most resourceful you can be. What you believe in, what you value, and who you are will push you to success.

Being part of a team and being a highly effective leader, you have a responsibility to keep improving. Being the best on the team is not what is important. The most important thing is to work on yourself every day, and to help your teammates to do the same. Your team are relying on you to keep working on yourself. They are relying on you to help them. They are relying on you to NOT QUIT. Keep striving to reach the next level and even further, and keep striving for your team to reach the next level and even further. DO NOT QUIT.

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Do You Embrace New Opportunities?

Working on yourself with purpose will lead to great things. Waiting for things to happen will only lead to exactly what you already have. What would you rather have?

When you start to put into action the principles you are learning, you will be working on yourself with purpose and taking action. Then you will start to see opportunities coming up that you MUST EMBRACE – EVEN IF YOU’RE SCARED.

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