Applying uncommon sense to the things that are most common in the world, everybody will take notice of you. You will become noticed and a lot more attention will be paid to you if you go further than is expected of you, and you pay attention to detail. I like […]

Leadership starts by following others, learn to follow, master followership, learn to lead, master leadership In previous articles, I have stated that LEADERSHIP IS INFLUENCE. I learned this from reading John Maxwell books, and watching his talks. If there is one leadership expert that I would recommend, then John Maxwell […]

The owner of an organisation’s culture is the one sitting at the top of the organisation, even if they play no part in transforming that culture. The leader at the top of your organisation (that may be the CEO or the Managing Director) needs to know the truth…they are the […]

When we feel that we are taking control, we are on the path to great leadership How much do you believe in your team right now? Do you believe in them as people or just in their abilities? The difference is, believing in them as people is an unconditional belief, […]