If you’re an online marketer or blogger and you’re using a WordPress website, you’re going to learn about 12 plugins that you simply must have. 1. What is a plugin? A plug-in is a small program or combination of programs that sits on top of a WordPress installation. Their job […]

If you are running a business, whether it be online or offline, then the key is knowing how to increase your influence. This is so you can give yourself, and your business the best chance of being successful. In this article we are talking about increasing our influence online. To […]

How you behave is the barrier between you and your dream I’m really pleased that you are continuing to read through my articles. What this is telling me is that you want to become a highly effective leader. You want to serve your team better, and together accomplish amazing things. […]

Leaders are readers and leaders are learners. You are never too old to keep learning something new. If you want to evolve in your career and grow into a leader, then you cannot continue to do the same things day in and day out. I wrote this article for the […]