When we teach somebody, our objective must be to help them think more positively. What you value is the foundation of the results you produce. So, when you decide your values, you are basically deciding what your results will be. Ensure you make the right decisions when it comes to […]

It is not always up to the leader to think of new ideas or changes, but it is their responsibility to lead a new change. When a highly effective leader influences a new change, they inspire their people to take on that change as their own. When we help others, […]

You may have the most talented people in the world on your team, but if their values are wrong then there is no way you can help to develop them into a highly effective team. To develop a highly effective leadership culture within your team and your organisation, it takes […]

Management is about taking care of processes, procedures, policies, things, and numbers. Leadership is about taking care of people. If you take care of your people, then everything else will take care of itself. Since I started my career in engineering in 1999, I have mostly experienced being managed by […]