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What Decisions Will You Make?

What happened to me throughout my life is not who I am. What I decide for my life is who I am.

Now that we’ve discussed working on ourselves over my previous posts, what have you decided to work on and apply first? It is my hope that you will pass on what you have learned, and increase your influence. Which in turn will multiply my influence through you. I hope you have done a lot a lot of thinking when going through these posts, and reflected on what you have learned. I know that you have the potential to strive towards, and become a highly effective leader. The purpose of this post and these websites is to help you realise that potential, and working on yourself every day so you can fulfil that potential.

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Who Do You Have On your Team?

A highly effective leader knows and understands that to build a high performing team, you can’t focus on the product, you can’t focus on the competition, and you can’t focus on results. You MUST focus on the people.

How would you describe the atmosphere in your team right now? Is it positive? Is it negative? Do the team feel that you care for them? The reason I ask this is because when people leave a team or an organisation, the main reason is not because of the job. The main reason is because of the relationship they have with their boss. If the relationship is good, then they will tend to stay. If the relationship is bad, then they are more likely to leave. How is the relationship with your team?

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