Leadership requires action, and a leader must be the first to act. If they are not the first to act then they are a follower. When you are THE FIRST TO HELP other people, without knowing it, we are actually helping ourselves at the same time. Have you ever heard […]

You cannot influence people to buy-in to your change or vision if you cannot influence them to buy into you first. When developing a highly effective leadership culture, the first thing we must accomplish if the buy-in of our team. Not the buy-in of the change of culture, but the […]

What do you think the responsibility of a leader is? It is a leader’s responsibility to help develop their team into the most valuable people and team possible. It is a leader’s responsibility to develop highly effective team players. Our goal when developing our valuable individuals is to first be […]

Most people throughout the world focus on weaknesses and neglect their strengths. I am here to tell you that focussing on weaknesses in the area of competency is wrong. You must focus on strengths. Throughout the world in most industries, it has been embedded into people (us included) to focus […]