There is hope in every situation in life, we just need to ensure that we don’t grow hopeless and lose what we have created. When you have created a vision for your future and you have hope for that future, how willing are you to a pay a price for […]

If you want to achieve something amazing in your life, then you must believe that you are amazing. Nobody has ever achieved anything amazing if they didn’t believe in themselves and didn’t believe that they were amazing. Did you know that when something happens to us, and we react or […]

Being logical stimulates a person’s mind. Being motivational stimulates a person’s heart. Have you ever been manipulated within your team? Have you ever seen any of your teammates or colleagues be manipulated? I have been manipulated, and the thing is, I knew I was being manipulated. I just didn’t have […]

Leadership requires action, and a leader must be the first to act. If they are not the first to act then they are a follower. When you are THE FIRST TO HELP other people, without knowing it, we are actually helping ourselves at the same time. Have you ever heard […]