Where Are You?

How open are you to new ideas? Do you accept change? Do you accept that you may need to change in order to get where you want to be? 

It may sound strange me asking “Where are you?” But my point is, I am asking where you are mentally. Meaning, what do you believe in right now? What do you think about the most? What do you think about your life right now? What do you think about your job?

What do you think about the people you work with? What do you think about your family and friends? Where do you want to go in life?

1. Willing To Pay The Price

I ask these questions because no matter what your thoughts are right now, you can change them for the better. Wherever you are in life, you can go further and become more. It won’t be easy, but it’s not impossible as long as we’re willing to pay the price.

In order for us to go further and become more in life, then we must take that first step and start on that journey. If you want to climb the ladder in your career or in life, then you must first step onto that ladder. Start from where you are – Now!


“Start from where you are – Now!”

The most important thing is getting started, and a lot of people throughout the world don’t even get to the starting line. I want to help you get started, and then when on the journey I want to help you keep going.

To get to that starting line is quite easy; taking that first step is more difficult. But if you truly believe and you feel motivated and inspired, then that is where you start from if you want to go on the journey.

Do not try and start the journey when you feel negative or down, because you will not keep going and quit. Trust me; I’ve been there many times, and had to start again and again.

To be a success in your career and your life, do not make excuses. It’s ok to fail, just DON’T QUIT!

I want to write this article to help you increase and improve your thinking, and be in the right mindset more often than you are not. If you have already started on the journey to go further and become more in life, then this article will help you to stay on that journey.

2. Making Decisions

To get started on this journey, you have to make a decision. To be where you are now in life, you have made decisions. You didn’t get to where you are now in your life by accident.

But that’s not bad news; you can make as many new decisions as you want. However, what is really important when you want to take the journey to go further and become more in your life is, you have to make the right decisions.

I can’t make those decisions for you, but what I can do is set you on the right path to get you ready to make the right decisions.

If you feel stuck at the moment or you are regretting the decisions that you made to get you where you are now, then take it on the chin and move on. Don’t blame others or deflect your decisions onto someone else. It is much better to just accept it so you can move forward.

People who are not willing to accept the decisions they made or blame others, usually don’t take that step on a new journey for a new you. More than likely they remain on the path that they don’t want to be on.

You know you want to do this, you know you can do this, and you know you should do this – DO IT!

If you feel stuck at the moment, then I want to help you with an idea to think about. If not, then use the idea to help someone you know who might feel stuck.

3. Making Sacrifices

If you want to grow in your life then there is a price to pay, I don’t mean a monetary price. I’m talking about making sacrifices which will take up your time, which will mean spending less time with friends & family sometimes.

To make these sacrifices requires you to make a decision that not many people are willing to make, and that is why they stay stuck and don’t grow. You must ask yourself “Are you willing to make the sacrifices?”

I will help you with some key decisions that I hope you will make as you start to think about making your first step onto the ladder or starting your journey to go further and become more in life.

When going through this article, consider it a journey in itself. Use this article as a guide that will lead you in the right direction. Don’t just look at it as an article that you read and then put back on the shelf without taking any actions.

You must implement what I am advising if you want to see positive changes in your life and in your leadership. You may think about something that you have tried before but it didn’t happen because you were not ready, but now you are. Use this article to help you try again and follow it through.

I encourage you to KEEP HOLD OF THIS ARTICLE! Don’t lose it or pass it onto someone else without taking any action. I have read lots of leadership books over the years and didn’t take action on them.

I eventually lost them or gave them to other people without getting them back. That was a mistake because I lost a lot of valuable information that if I had today I could have taken action on.

4. Taking Action

When going through this article use a highlighter to mark the key points that jump out at you. Whatever you find meaningful or personal, revisit these pages and reflect upon them. Think about how you are going to take action on these highlighted points.

Discuss these points with someone you trust and gather their thoughts too. Think about the things that you want to do differently and turn them into positive actions.


When you finish the article and you are implementing what you have learned, and you feel you’re now on the right ladder and journey, then you are free to pass the article onto someone else. But, you may never get the article back.

A better idea is to think about the person that you want to empower, inspire and motivate and then buy them a copy of my books. That one gesture will show them just how much you believe in them far more than lending them your copy that is highlighted up.

Encourage them to use a highlighter pen just how you did and make their new book a lot more personal, just like you did. Don’t forget to advise them on implementing and taking action on the points they highlight.

What I’m asking you to do may seem like common sense in your eyes. But, how many people do you know who don’t do things that seem common sense? The points above are important and is a part of the journey to going further and becoming more in life. Don’t skip them.

Most people think that leadership only matters to the people at the top of the organisation. That thought could not be further from the truth. Leadership is everywhere, ESPECIALLY with the person who has the will, determination, drive and most importantly the potential to succeed.

I welcome hearing how this post has influenced the way you think, the way you lead, or the results you have achieved because of what you’ve learned in it. Please feel free to share your thoughts with me by commenting below.

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All the best,

Tom (LeadGrowInfluence)

8 thoughts on “Where Are You?

  1. Great article about it and your recommendations for these good books. Good books are windows to the world, and when we change ourselves, we will change the whole world 🙂 I am sure that this article of yours will open the eyes of many and be an inspiration. I wish you success and good health 🙂

    1. Hi Zvezdan,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Good luck with your leadership books and enjoy reading the books I have self published, take action on what you learn and share what you learn with others.

      All the best,


  2. I know a lot of people that choose the path of negativity and choose to rather blame others for their mistakes or the circumstances they find themselves in and like you rightly said, unless you get to that point of taking responsibility and look in the mirror you will never make that action step to change for the good.

    However, it is sometimes hard to stay positive when everything else around you seems to be so negative. If you are able to change your negative mindset to a positive one, then positive change will happen, but that is sometimes easier said than done.

    1. Hi Schalk,

      Thank you for your comment, it means the world.

      I am with you that there are people who choose the path of negativity and blame, I have worked with a good number of these people. You even see these people on the TV working in politics 🙂

      It is very difficult to stay positive but I believe in you, and I believe you can inspire others to stay positive too. Keep working on yourself every day and keep growing.

      All the best,


  3. Hi Tom,

    Always inspiring to read your articles!
    For me when the going gets hard I need to usually stop and ask myself: “Why am I doing this?” “Is this really what I want?” “Is there an easier way to reach the results that I desire?”
    These questions help me understand why I am doing what I am doing, motivate me to take my next step, and give me the power to keep going.
    But of course, having a strong and healthy mind nowadays remains a difficult task. Lucky we have your articles Tom, to keep as all on track!

    1. Hi Tatiana,

      I appreciate you commenting on my article, means the world.

      The questions you ask are yourself are so important, especially when you are challenging yourself to be the best version of yourself every day.

      Keep challenging yourself and keep inspiring your people to do the same and follow your example.

      All the best,


  4. Reading your articles always inspires and motivates me. The point I love so much in this article is “Taking action”. I’ve come to understand that no matter how you strategize and plan for the next feat you want to achieve in your career or business if you don’t take action, all your plans won’t come to fruition. I’ve seen some young folks plan to achieve a goal, but then I didn’t see a commiserate action to bring that goal to a reality. Planning isn’t enough, paying for that course isn’t just enough either. Executing and implementing all that the course teaches is what will bring results and that’s “taking action”.

    1. Hi Femi,

      I am very pleased that when you read my articles, they inspire and motivate you.

      Keep reasing them and keep being inspired to motivate your own people and lead them by example.

      All the best,


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