If you’re an online marketer or blogger and you’re using a WordPress website, you’re going to learn about 12 plugins that you simply must have. 1. What is a plugin? A plug-in is a small program or combination of programs that sits on top of a WordPress installation. Their job […]

If you are running a business, whether it be online or offline, then the key is knowing how to increase your influence. This is so you can give yourself, and your business the best chance of being successful. In this article we are talking about increasing our influence online. To […]

You cannot motivate frustrated teams if you don’t listen to them. Listening to our people’s frustrations, and helping them overcome their obstacles is how we motivate our people. To help our people become the best people they can be, we must help them to remove the obstacles in their way. […]

Live for the future, not your past. Embrace change. Organisations talk about how to embrace change a lot. It is often described as continuous improvement, and some will have a continuous improvement department. I actually went for a job in 2013 for a continuous improvement manager, but didn’t get it. […]