A leader must have clarity of purpose for themselves first. Then it is essential that they give their people clarity of purpose too. One thing I hated being part of any team was feeling confused about what it was we were trying to achieve. Being confused about our team’s purpose […]

To be noticed in this world, it is essential that you challenge the norm and do things differently By going that extra mile and putting in that bit more effort, you will overachieve. When you overachieve, these things get noticed. Hence, you get noticed. A lot of people don’t think […]

Being an attractive team starts with the leader. It is the responsibility of the leader to create the culture and influence the team to help build that culture. When the culture is building it is also the responsibility of the leader to protect and nurture the culture for the future. […]

If you want your team to give you 100%, then you must first give them 100%. When we talk about gaining the buy-in of our people into our vision, we are looking for them to make a commitment. We don’t just want them to say, “Oh yes that’s really good […]