The most difficult person you will ever have to deal with is yourself. If you can’t master yourself, then you will be mastered by yourself. When you look at yourself in the mirror, who do you want to see, your worst enemy or your best friend? You are probably going […]

There is hope in every situation in life, we just need to ensure that we don’t grow hopeless and lose what we have created. When you have created a vision for your future and you have hope for that future, how willing are you to a pay a price for […]

Experience is valuable within a team. However, to grow into a highly effective team, we must utilise the competencies of our people to perform at our very best. Depending on what organisation you work for and the work that your team carries out, competencies will need to change from time […]

Those who you associate with the most in your life will either help you in becoming successful or play a part in your failures. Who do you associate with the most? Are you a part of any teams right now in your place of work? Those on your team will […]