The more courage you have, the more your influence will increase and the better your life will be During your life and career, you will come up against people who will try to knock you down, discourage you, and also encourage you to do the wrong things for the wrong […]

The best leaders give away their power. The insecure leaders keep their power to themselves. What does empower mean? It’s quite simple, it means giving another person your power. A highly effective leader empowers their team by asking them questions. They do this so that they think deeper, and come […]

How you treat your people is extremely important if you want your team to be successful.  If you treat your people with respect, and see the potential of who they could be, they will follow you. If you don’t treat your people with respect, and treat them on how they […]

To lead people effectively, it requires hard work, every single day. A lot of leaders do not realise just how much hard work it really is. If you don’t realise how much hard work leadership is, you will not be aware of the impact you have on your people, and […]