Being open minded keeps us curious. When we are curious, we never stop learning new things, or finding new ways. A highly effective leader loves to ask questions, especially of their own teammates. They do this to prompt their teammate to think deeper than they normally would. So, they type […]

If you want to build strong relationships and trust with your team, then you must develop yours and your team’s character. You cannot influence your team to become better people, more productive, be inspired, be motivated, or trust you if you have a weak character. Without the trust of your […]

To lead without authority requires a person to have a lot of influence. When it comes to leadership, there is nothing more important than influence. Job titles and leadership positions do not matter. The more people who realise that, the more people we will have with an increased influence. A […]

The stronger we become as leaders, the stronger team we can build. The stronger team we can build, the more we can achieve together. Everybody has strengths and weaknesses. Most people focus on their weaknesses and neglect their strengths, so after a while their strengths become weaker. We should focus […]