The stronger we become as leaders, the stronger team we can build. The stronger team we can build, the more we can achieve together. Everybody has strengths and weaknesses. Most people focus on their weaknesses and neglect their strengths, so after a while their strengths become weaker. We should focus […]

Managers bring in change to processes and things. Highly effective leaders influence how you behave and think about processes and things Do you understand the difference between managing and leading? The behaviours of a manager, and the behaviours of a leader are very different. However, as a highly effective leader, […]

If you want a leadership position or title, then you must first learn to lead without a position or title I believe that if you can implement the leadership principles that I am sharing in my articles to work and increase your influence, it will be inevitable that you will […]

Highly effective leaders have a vision, and they understand what it will take to get there. They know each step of the journey to success. Highly effective leaders recognise the obstacles on the journey to success, and take responsibility for removing those obstacles, so that the journey flows as smoothly […]