Leadership starts by following others, learn to follow, master followership, learn to lead, master leadership In previous articles, I have stated that LEADERSHIP IS INFLUENCE. I learned this from reading John Maxwell books, and watching his talks. If there is one leadership expert that I would recommend, then John Maxwell […]

The long-term process of leadership development must not be underestimated, and the short-term leadership development event must not be overestimated. What doesn’t work is when a leader sends their team to a leadership development or personal growth event, and they expect them to transform right away. 1. The Right Leadership […]

Leadership requires action, and a leader must be the first to act. If they are not the first to act then they are a follower. When you are THE FIRST TO HELP other people, without knowing it, we are actually helping ourselves at the same time. Have you ever heard […]

The owner of an organisation’s culture is the one sitting at the top of the organisation, even if they play no part in transforming that culture. The leader at the top of your organisation (that may be the CEO or the Managing Director) needs to know the truth…they are the […]