By embracing responsibility, then we have free reign of working, living and being the best version of ourselves we can be. We have talked about building trust and increasing our influence a lot, because they are the essence of leadership. When it comes to building trust with our boss, what […]

How do you like to do your work? Do you like to make it hard by being un-inspired, or do you like to make it easy by being inspired? When a highly effective leader motivates their team, it is highly likely that they will also be inspired. A highly effective […]

With a highly effective leadership culture, the people live by their own and the company values every day. The people strengthen and build new relationships every day. The people go the extra mile every day. The people help others to develop themselves into leaders. The people are optimistic and work […]

If you value negativity then your life will ultimately be a negative experience. If you value positivity, then your life will ultimately be an amazing experience. It’s your choice what you value. Every person on your team and within your organisation has values. The low performing leaders will have values, […]