It doesn’t matter where an organisation is or how long it has been going, there is always room for improvement. There is always room for change. There is always room for a transformation. If the culture is toxic, change it. If the people are unhappy, make the change. If the […]

To develop a highly effective leadership culture, you must first grow into a highly effective leader Throughout my career, starting as an apprentice engineer, a graduate engineer and eventually moving into leadership positions, I have attended a lot of events/seminars/workshops/courses on leadership development. On some of these events we discussed […]

To become successful, you don’t need to have the best resources, you need to be the most resourceful you can be. What you believe in, what you value, and who you are will push you to success. Being part of a team and being a highly effective leader, you have […]

The highly effective leadership “why” is To develop current leaders and future leaders into highly effective leaders so that, they can develop current leaders and future leaders into highly effective leaders. Organisations need to stop only focussing on future leadership talent. They must develop the leadership talent they already have to become highly […]