Valuable Team Players

What do you think the responsibility of a leader is? It is a leader’s responsibility to help develop their team into the most valuable people and team possible. It is a leader’s responsibility to develop highly effective team players.

Our goal when developing our valuable individuals is to first be able to lead themselves and be their best selves every day. Then our next goal is to help to develop their leadership skills to be able to work with and influence the other members within their team and beyond.

1. Highly Effective Team Players

Developing individuals to be their most valuable is setting up the platform for us to develop valuable team players. Or, in other words, highly effective team players.

Highly effective team players are leaders without the job position or the title and are great examples to follow. Their objective is not to have authority over their teammates, it is to do their best to help them become highly effective team players too.

If you start to see your team members as highly effective team players, then you will start to build up the desire to help them develop themselves every day of the week.


It is a constant process to keep developing ourselves, to strive towards the top of the leadership ladder and then climb back down to help others up.

Every member of your highly effective team is an ambassador for your organisation, and that is who you will see when developing your highly effective leadership culture. Having organisational ambassadors will help you to grow it into the most attractive organisation in your industry.

Developing highly effective team players is not about making them better at doing their job. It is going beyond the job and the role they have.

2. Highly Effective Leadership Culture

A highly effective leadership culture is developing you into a highly effective leader and your team members into highly effective team players. Basically, helping to develop your team into the most valuable team they can be.

This website is about helping you as a leader to develop a highly effective leadership culture, that will grow your team members into highly effective team players and eventually a highly effective team.

It is not about discussing classroom exercises that you can put together to help promote teamwork or help you to build relationships. I have been on those teamwork exercise groups, and in my experience they have not worked.

So, it is my recommendation that you don’t force your team to participate in those types of activities.

For you to develop a highly effective leadership culture within your team and then eventually your organisation is not going to be easy. It is not going to happen overnight when you wake up and your team are all highly competent to carry out their job to the best of their ability.

They have all built trust with each other. They each have built a strong character. They listen to understand each other, not listen to reply. They look within and accept when things go wrong, and they have removed the blame culture.

They help and influence each other like highly effective team players. They all get along great and have excellent attitudes towards you and each other.

Imagine you could do that after reading this article just once. We both know that is never going to happen and it is going to be difficult for you to share and apply what you learn to help develop your team into highly effective team players.

3. Highly Effective Team

It is likely that the team you lead at this present moment in time are nowhere near being a highly effective team. They are all probably competent to their job, otherwise they wouldn’t be in the team.

But, do they do the job to the best of their ability every day for you and the team? Do each of them have a strong character? Do they all trust you and each other? Do they listen to understand each other? Do they accept responsibility when things go wrong?

Do they help and influence each other for the good of the team? Do they go the extra mile to make their organisation the most attractive in its industry? Probably not.

With all those questions, the most important thing to focus on with your people is their character. We develop our character every day, we don’t develop it in one day and that’s it.

We don’t develop our character through one team building exercise, and we don’t improve our relationships or build up the trust we need with each other.

If we don’t help our people to develop their character every day, then we cannot help them to become valuable and highly effective team players.

Our values is what determines how we think and how we act. A highly effective team player and a low performing team player are only different because they have different values. If we want the results of our team members to rapidly improve, then we need to help them rapidly change their values.

By helping them change their values, we are setting them on the right path to becoming a highly effective team player.

Highly effective team players pride themselves on being different and doing things different to the normal everyday team member.

They have a much stronger and different character to the normal everyday team member. My articles will help you enormously in developing your team members into highly effective team players.

4. Growing Into Something More

My articles will not only help you to set the foundation with your team members in developing into a highly effective team player. It will also help you in growing your team members into something more.

It will help you to help them climb the leadership ladder and develop them from highly effective team players into leaders.

Helping your team to grow their influence, their humility, their character, master their emotions, embrace change, take responsibility, inspire themselves, grow their confidence are just some of the topics that my articles will help you to go through with your team.


The time is now for you to strive towards highly effective leadership and help your team to grow into highly effective team players. If you do not do this, then somebody else will in a different organisation.

Developing a highly effective leadership culture is a difficult process and will require a lot of effort from you and your team. Leadership development at every level is the most important part of a highly effective leadership culture. You know you can do this.

If you want your team to become highly effective team players, then they need all the help they can get from a highly effective leader. It’s not about helping your team improve at what they do.

It’s about helping your team know who they are and being the best and most valuable version of themselves every day.

Responsibility starts with the leader. Is the leader willing to accept their responsibility? If a team member doesn’t do as they’re told or asked, is that the fault of the team member or the leader?

I welcome hearing how this post has influenced the way you think, the way you lead, or the results you have achieved because of what you’ve learned in it. Please feel free to share your thoughts with me by commenting below.

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All the best,

Tom (LeadGrowInfluence)

6 thoughts on “Valuable Team Players

  1. Hey Tom, I love this article! It’s easy to follow, and explains everything in a simple format!
    Also, it’s great that you can share your expertise, demonstrating ways to help others, in-hand help themselves!
    I have found that, words are very powerful, and it’s how one says something to someone, can make or break them!
    For those who come across your article are in good hands, and it liberating to know that you can offer the tools to promote useful skills that can improve daily practices, and get the best out of their colleagues!

    Good job Tom, and keep up the very good work, in helping others!

    1. Hi Julia,

      I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on my article.

      I love that you love this article, that means so much to me. It is my passion to share my knowledge and help others, it is what I want to eventually do as my full time job.

      I hope people can read this and have the same feelings you have, and that it inspires them to share the knowledge they have.

      Keep sharing your knowledge and leading your people in the right way.

      All the best,


  2. I am curious how a team of different characters can be organized. What I mean is, people are so very different. There is extraverts and introverts, and something in between, like myself haha. At one point I can be the follower, at the next, I could think everything you do as a leader seems wrong. How do you handle situations like that? Working with people as a leader seems pretty hard to do for me, I admire that and would surely like to learn more!
    Great article thanks

    1. Hi Julia,

      Thank you for your comment, means so much to me.

      You are right, people are very different and that is why we need to build a relationship with every member of the team we lead. We can’t treat everybody the same because we all have different emotions and different ways of looking at things.

      Keep influencing and inspiring your people, and keep building and strengthening those relationships.

      All the best,


  3. Great article! The emphasis on developing highly effective team players and fostering a leadership culture is crucial for organizational success. I appreciate your perspective on not relying solely on traditional teamwork exercises and instead focusing on continuous character development. The connection between values and performance is well articulated, highlighting the need for a shift in mindset to achieve rapid improvement.

    Your insights on growing team members into leaders and addressing key aspects such as influence, humility, character, emotional mastery, and confidence are valuable. The call to action for leaders to take responsibility and guide their teams towards becoming highly effective is inspiring.

    I agree that leadership development is an ongoing process that requires dedication and effort. Your reminder that responsibility starts with the leader is a powerful takeaway. Overall, your article provides a thoughtful and actionable guide for leaders aiming to create a highly effective team and leadership culture. Looking forward to more insights from your future articles!

    1. Hi David,

      I appreciate your detailed comment on my article, means the world to me. I am also really pleased that my article resonated with you.

      I hope people can learn from your contribution just as much as they can from me, and I would love for you to share what you have learned with your people.

      The actionable guide that you have mentioned makes writing these types of articles all the worth, and it would be great if you could pass on the actionable guide to others.

      Thank you so much again and keep leading your people and growing them into leaders themselves.

      All the best,


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