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What you do today will influence what you do tomorrow. If you want something to change, what is it you are looking at? Most people try to filter out the bad things that are happening and keep the good. As a leader, you are not going to gain your team’s buy-in by just filtering out. You are only going to gain your team’s buy-in when you start from scratch and share the vision you have for them and the organisation. Vision is the foundation for real change.

My why is; To develop current leaders and future leaders into highly effective leaders so that, they can develop current leaders and future leaders into highly effective leaders. I live by my why every day and it is the reason I write books, blog articles, create videos, courses, coaching programmes, speeches etc.

But, for this article I am going to introduce you to how I fulfil my why. The reason for that is so you can become one of the current leaders who develops into a highly effective leader, and then helps to develop other current and future leaders into highly effective leaders.

1. Highly Effective Leadership Process

Allow me to introduce to you The Highly Effective Leadership Process. I have been practicing this process since January 2019 when I first developed it and made it work.

There are five parts to this process which I am going to take you through, and what may happen if one of these parts are not carried out.


Before I developed The Highly Effective Leadership Process in 2019, the organisations I worked with were in mayhem when it came to leadership and leading teams. The reason for this is because they didn’t have all five parts of The Highly Effective Leadership Process in order, or even in place.

This was the norm in the organisations I worked with, and I know it is the norm in a lot of organisations around the world.

The first part of the process is most important, and that is Leadership ability. Understanding how much leadership ability a person has will influence the other four parts to the process, and what level they are/will be.

A leader with a high level of leadership ability will be very likely to develop and build a highly effective leadership culture within his/her team, and also the organisation. A leader with low level leadership ability will not be able to achieve that culture change.

The second part of the process is gaining buy-in. To gain a team’s buy-in to a new change, you need to have leadership ability to influence them that the change you want to make will give great benefit. Without the buy-in of your team, then they will resist the change rather than embrace it.

The third part of the process is vision. You need leadership ability to share your vision with your team and help them to understand where you want to go, and how you see the team and organisation growing in the future.

From vision, you will then be able to develop a purpose throughout the team to strive towards your vision. Without a team purpose, your vision will confuse your team.

The fourth part of the process is competency. To develop your team to have the right competencies to do their job and go the extra mile, then you need leadership ability. You must inspire your team to keep developing themselves, and collaborate with their teammates to develop each other too.

If the team don’t have the right competencies to carry out the task, then stress and worry levels are going to rise within them.

The fifth and final part of the process is action. You need leadership ability to inspire your team to take action. A lot of teams work very hard to put plans in place, but they find it difficult to move from the planning phase to actually execute the plan.

Without the team taking action on the plan, everything will become static, and there will no momentum within the team. Momentum is a leader’s best friend.

2. Leadership Ability

So, overall without the first part of The Highly Effective Leadership Process in place, which is leadership ability.

Then there is no way the process can be followed through, and if that happens within your team, you will see a lot of unhappy and frustrated faces. This might be happening already, and now you know the reason why.

I have discussed word of mouth from people before. If one of the five parts of The Highly Effective Leadership Process is not followed through, then that is going to result in a lot of negative word of mouth from people.

So, whenever you hear negativity about your team, it’s because one or more of the five parts of the process has not been fulfilled. It is up to you as the leader to ensure that part(s) is rectified.

3. Responsibility

It is a leader’s responsibility to remove obstacles or prevent negative events happening to your team. Use this process every day as your guide to remove any obstacles and prevent any negative events.

It is my job to help you build a highly effective team and develop a highly effective leadership culture. So, as you go through this article and other articles, you will read about examples of when I and others have effectively followed through on each part of The Highly Effective Leadership Process.

You will be able to relate to most of them, and then leverage them with your own team to effectively follow through on each part of the process.

Having worked in different parts of the UK in the engineering and rail industry, I have seen many similarities when it comes to the development of their people. As I stated earlier, if the people don’t have the right competencies to carry out their job, then stress and worry levels will rise within them.

When your people are stressed or worried, that then raises the stress and worry levels in you as their leader. Believe me, I have had this happen in my team when I was the leader, and it is a horrible feeling.

The similarities I in the different organisations were that they didn’t think they needed to develop their people. I even heard questions like, “Why do I need to put him through training?”

I am hoping that you don’t feel the same way about the development of your team and your people. I want you to use my articles to help you understand why leaders and organisations must develop their people.

4. How To Develop Your Team

I also want you to use my articles to help you understand how to develop your team and your people, and what you need to do.

There are lots of leaders all over the world who want to know how to develop their people. They also want to understand the exact areas where their people need to be developed. They can’t just put their people through any old training. It needs to be right and it needs to be highly effective.

I have other articles where you will learn a lot more about leadership and influence, as that is their primary focus. This article will not go into the amount of detail required to learn to develop a highly effective leadership culture, but it will be an excellent introduction for you and others.


Especially if you are new to this and this is your first piece of content on building teams or leadership. There is a lot more to learn beyond this article and I can provide that learning for you through my books.

Leadership development is a never ending and lifelong journey for me. The are leadership coaches, experts and gurus all over the world. And they will be the first to admit that they don’t know it all.

It’s funny because a lot of managers all over the world don’t believe they need to learn anything about leadership because they have the position and title. They couldn’t be more wrong.

As you read this and other leadership articles and books throughout your life, you too will be on a lifelong leadership development journey. You will also be inspiring others to follow you on that journey, and then they will be doing the same. Hence, me fulfilling my why that I described to you.

What is your why? Why do you want to be a leader of people? Until you know your why for being a leader, you will find it very difficult to develop a highly effective leadership culture within your team

I welcome hearing how this post has influenced the way you think, the way you lead, or the results you have achieved because of what you’ve learned in it. Please feel free to share your thoughts with me by commenting below.

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All the best,

Tom (LeadGrowInfluence)

6 thoughts on “Your Team’s Growth

  1. Hi Tom, Thanks for sharing. The organization is very important people must know what they’re doing and what you expect from them. You must put them in a position where there comfortable, to begin with and gradually find the means to develop their skill set to make what they’re doing work better towards the end goal. I think soon I will need to really start to advance here – for my own website, I need to look at hiring writers VAs etc. Still I am trying to find what works just started a new course which has give me a lot to think about. Now, I am looking forward to start trying to put these ideas in place but I think the true nature of this course is to develop as more of a leader with online business.

    1. Hi Alex,

      It is my pleasure to share my articles and help you in your leadership, personal growth and increasing your influence.

      Thank you for sharing your issues in your business right now and I hope I have been able to help you.

      Good luck in hiring the right people for your business and how you help develop them into great people for you, themselves and the organisation.

      All the best,


  2. Your teams growth is on you if you are showing skills and leading then your team grows as well. Teams are working together to get what they need done. Developing a highly effective leader depends on if you know your why?


  3. I always found one thing challenging when it comes to training others. Precisely what I mean, where is the edge on WHEN TO TRAIN SOMEONE AND WHEN TO DON’T TRAIN SOMEONE? Clearly, if you, as a leader, going to invest your time and energy into developing others, you want to be sure, there is a chance those people will pick it up. The last thing you want to happen to you is to get frustrated with people not progressing as you want (this can cause even a burn-out). At the same time, you want to be there for others and give everyone a fair spare of your time and knowledge. I had this issue as a youth soccer coach just last month. Curious, how you look on this. Cheers

    1. Hi Julius,

      I appreciate you leaving your thoughts on my article and for your contribution.

      For me, it is not about training somebody to do something, it is about helping to develop and grow your people so they become their best selves. It is about influencing them to develop themselves. Not for you to stand there teaching them things.

      Leadership is not about teaching somebody or training them. Leadership is about influencing a person to be the best version of themselves every day.

      All the best,


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